How to Make Social Media Marketing Work for Your Business

Young pretty woman using social media on her tablet computer

Young pretty woman using social media on her tablet computer

The concept of ‘social media marketing’ is probably one that you’ve heard a lot about by now.

If you’re in the B2B space, however, you might feel a little unsure of how you can make the most out of B2B social media marketing.

After all, a lot of B2B businesses are steadfast in the belief that their clients can’t be reached on social media – despite the fact that platforms like Facebook have over 1.13 billion daily active users.

If you currently find yourself doubting your ability to reach and market to your ideal B2B clients on social media, then this blog post should help you.

Because, in this post, we’re going to take a look at how B2B companies can make social media marketing produce results for them.

We’re going to review exactly how social media marketing works and what it takes to market to a B2B crowd, in a way that will generate engagement and leads.

By the end of this post, you’ll appreciate the power of social media marketing and understand that it can work for you, even if you are working with B2B clients.

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What Will Be The Effects Of Discontinuing The Public View Of PageRank Scores?

Google pageramk update

If you are a SEO specialist then you should have know about the Google’s PageRank Scoring. It has been released in 2000, and at that time it seemed the most important aspects for getting a higher position in Google Search Results. The basic concept was to take web pages and rank them on a scale from one to ten based on different factors such as number of outgoing and incoming links. Better PageRank of a webpage ensured the better place in search results. RIP Google PageRank score: A retrospective on how it ruined the web

Responsive Web Design – Why A Trendsetter?

Responsive web design is the modern trend setter that has altered the ways people look up to business websites. You must eye through the following column to understand its importance and have a sneak peek into the upcoming trends in responsive web design.

responsive web designBread does not taste good without butter; similarly a web design falls flat if it is not responsive. Such is the importance of a responsive web design in today’s fast paced technical life. If you bank on any survey conducted on sites that top the chart of Alexa ranking, then you will observe that 88% sites are responsive. On the contrary, it is only a bare 12% who have a fixed width web design. Responsive design is not only easy to implement, but it is being opted by a number of businesses. The 5 most important aspects to be responsive in your online approach include:

1. Pixels
2. Width
3. Font
4. Design
5. Content

Let us take a look at the 5 unbeatable reasons why you should be responsive when it comes to web site designing:

1. Google’s Oracle – The day when responsive web design was included as one of the commandments of Google, wise minds prepared themselves to adopt it. To make your website both tab and smart phone optimized, responsive design is the only key. They have no different HTML and only one URL. With the help of this, Google spiders do not have to toil by crawling to another HTML or URL. Hence, you must not delay further and shoulder the idea of being responsive!

responsive webdesign2. Bounce Rate Lowered – In cricket, when a ball bounces back, there are chances that a player might get hurt. Similarly, in the digital world, if you have more bounce rate, then your business might get grounds. Hence, you must not give any opportunity to Google to mark you in a negative light. A responsive design has the effectiveness to lower the bounce rate. Strategists anticipate that, by 2015, web browsing through mobile will be the order of the day.

3. One stop Destination – SEO campaigns must be done in a much planned way. It has been observed that managing campaigns for two separate sites is challenging. If you are comfortable doing that, then nothing like it. However, if you are a newbie, then it is better to concentrate on one site and manage one campaign. The main goal of technology is to make things easier and convenient. Hence, it is better not to complicate things UN-necessarily. Your best efforts will be put to only one site. Therefore, to have an edge over other sites, which are specifically not responsive, you can spruce up a single responsive business site.

4. No Maintenance Hassles – Maintenance is required for everything you own, like as your health. If you only concentrate on a mobile site design, then you would need to take care of it every now and then. In that place, if you have a responsive web design then you do not have to be bothered much about its maintenance. It will be having its own pace and still have a long life. It has a very innovative way of sustaining your web life. Even if an individual changes his device, your web design will be as it is.

responsive website design

5. The Big NeedROI – today the world is ruled by the barter system. You give something and in return you get something. Everybody hopes to get something big or plenty in return. The perfect example is, when you have invested in your business, you hope to get maximum returns. To have a responsive web design means to have an advantage over others. Likewise, when you have advantage, you can capitalize on that and try to get more and more traffic. More traffic means more profit. This is how you can expand your business and get maximum return on investment. The rate of conversion will also be higher.

Some of the responsive design trends that you can expect in 2014 are:

The typography will no more be generic, flat designs will be common, designs will be smart phone oriented, you can expect more and more videos instead of texts, the sites will be long with lucid color schemes, content will be more and more user-friendly, you might not see the sidebar any longer and last but not the least there will be the latest technology manipulative imageries with more cool stuffs to explore.

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Professional SEO Services – The Ideal Way To Boost Your Small Business Profits

If you have a business of your own, you’ve certainly heard of the myriad benefits of hiring a professional SEO company; these agencies help you with your Internet content activities. These days, businesses of all sizes and in almost every industry hire a group of trained SEO experts who help you with your searchsearch engine optimization india engine rankings. They create an optimally planned website, full of interesting, gripping and tactical content formulated to encourage clicks and place your company at the top of every search engine page.

For small business owners, SEO or search engine optimization decides the fine demarcation line between failure and success. With so much competition in the market (both online and offline), SEO must be at the top of every businessman’s priority list.  Whether you’re planning to grow and enhance your business sales or simply struggling hard to survive in the unstable economy, SEO is the best thing to opt for. However, with so many SEO service providers all around, making the best choice is often difficult and confusing. Just as in case of any other industry, the SEO business also consists of inefficient or incompetent services. To make sure that you’re not stuck with the wrong SEO company India, you need to keep a few important things in mind. Here are just a few of them.

seo company in india

Steer clear of big promises

If a particular SEO service company assures you to improve your Web rankings overnight, then they’re certainly duping you. Remember, even Google can’t pledge you that. Just stay away from such companies making fake promises.

Ask for recommendations

Few things are as reliable as collecting referrals from those who have hired the company for search engine optimization in India. That way, you’re not entering an unknown territory and you’re already aware of the range of services provided by them. After all, it’s a far better option than depending upon the integrity of an agency from online reports. More Info Get Here:

Complete IT Solutions At One Stop

mobile applications developers in indiawith the changing time it has become essential to promote your business through internet. Without the existence of your company on the website it’s impossible to gain success. Concrete IT solutions for your brand and company have become the call of the time.

There are many companies that provide software help to the clients. But the help should be worth taken. Good experience companies that take up complete range of software or IT promotional work are few in the country. The standard of this industry is increasing very rapidly, you need to choose your IT support to be able to give that mark and help your business grow.

Such one name in the city of Kolkata is Lee & Nee which has been providing IT and IT enabled services for two decades now. They are located in the IT hub of the city and have registered themselves with STPI unit. They provide a long list of services, some of them being software development, ERP Solutions, Web designing & Web applications, Call centre solution and Medical transcription. They are also oriented towards 100% exports.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and fast then you can opt for mobile application developers in India. This can be provided to you by Lee & Nee in very competitive price that enables your product or service to reach the global market. They have skilled, professional, expert team of mobile application developers who can design, and deliver after development customized application as per your business requirement. After the website trend, this is the new platform to reach your target customers even faster through smart phones and tablet devices with the help of learned developers they provide.

They have both intelligence and experience among their team members to be able to be better among othIOS Apps Developers Indiaers in the industry. They have made sure they keep the most stunning infrastructure and man power to become the leading company of the IT sector. They have delivered excellent work time and again to all their renowned list of clients. The have also been able to fulfill client goals, with the best price in the market, so that the clients are satisfied. Lee & Nee are reliable, quick, and affordable and experienced service provider in this field.

With all the other services they provide to the best of their ability, one leading and successful trend now is to be able to provide IOS apps developers India. This is an advanced mobile platform where you can reach the young new generation in the shortest time possible. It has changed the scene of mobile usage with more than 600,000 application and 20 billion apps download from the app store. So if you want your app to be among them, contact Lee & Nee today and make your business go places in a very short time. And most importantly they charge you for what they deliver, the best.

How To Unblock Facebook Chat If is Blocked

Most colleges and companies nowadays are blocking access to This means not only can you not access the facebook  website, but you can’t even chat with your friends using facebook chat. This is where very cool software called Chit Chat ( into the picture. It is a free standalone Facebook chat software that allows you to chat with your facebook friends without the need of a browser and even if has been blocked. Please note that you have to enter your vanity username from Facebook  and your account password to log intoFacebook chat using this software.